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Even after the digital advancement of the world, where reaching out information has become somewhat instant via the World Wide Web; there is a number who still prefer reading magazines for validating those. However, the hard copies of magazines have been replaced by e-magazines.

If you are a publisher, then you can understand it quite well that putting every bit of information (magazine) on a single page is not a child’s play. Furthermore, even if you get to manage the same, your page is more likely to look cluttered.

Free Modern Online Magazine and News Website and Blog WordPress Theme Running a news blog can be extremely tough if you do not keep a news blogger template handy. This particular template has a modern outlook that would go perfectly with your blog. You can include as many news items and images as you want. you can also see News Blog WordPress Themes.

Who says that the news has to be boring? Well with Multi news, it doesn’t have to. If one were to personalize it, this theme seems eager to help you out. After all, your content is not going to promote itself. It is optimized for performance, as it tries to increase ad revenue, while not compromising or overshadowing your content. Although it may be used for a multitude of purposes, it is best suited for news sites, magazines, and even blogs.

The WooCommerce plugin creates a safe environment for online transactions, so your users will not have to worry about anything. Other plugins include Contact Form 7, Ad Rotate, bbPress and MailPoet Newsletters. The developers can also add retina ready on their list of accomplishments, and high resolution, crisp icons, and animations can be displayed with ease.

Oshine is a creative multipurpose WordPress theme that was released late last year and boasts of over 18 demos and has 5000+ customers. It is one of the best designed creative themes of 2017 and has more options to present your portfolio than any other theme. Oshine has a clean & modern design with clinical typography and unique layouts. It is ideal for creative agencies and individuals, photographers, architects, restaurants and other small businesses who want to create a modern website that works well across all devices. One can create unlimited grid portfolios and galleries with their powerful page/layout builder and the Theme come with two really popular premium slider plugins namely Master Slider and Slider Revolution plugins worth $39 for free. Oshie comes with a one click demo import feature for you get started easily with one of their 18 stunning demos and also comes with one click automatic updates which are free for the lifetime of the theme. The theme looks and works great across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. The theme is updated regularly with new features and bug fixes and has a lot of rave reviews. Their post-purchase customer support looks very friendly and responsive based on the what we can see the comments forum. Overall what we were looking at is a really good & stable WordPress theme that is a combination of great design, powerful features. You can get paid depending on how many visitors you get. Typically this is quoted as a dollar amount per one thousand impressions (or CPM). So for example, you might see it as $5 CPM. If the website gets 100,000 visits a month, that ad price translates into $500 bucks.

The good thing about this approach is that if your site gets a ton of traffic from different sources, your simple banner ad pricing can go up to as high as $5000 per month! However, the obvious downside is that if your site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, you can’t expect to earn as much either. Nanopress is a simple, user-friendly, feature-rich, fast-loading, customizable, functional and modern Blogger news, newspaper, magazine, blog and publishing Blogger Template MaxaZine is sharp, highly versatile and Modern Blogger theme built for use in blogs, magazines, photography, video and other similar content heavy websites.

NewsPress Lite is a creative free WordPress theme that is best for a newspaper website and media website. All its features are based on latest WordPress version. It is created using CSS3 and HTML5 – robust and lightweight theme. The unique multi-layer slider is one of its best parts that give your visitors a great impression.

It is a fully responsive theme- looks amazing on any device. The theme offers plenty of amazing features, which let you create a complete news magazine website.

Main features of NewsPress Lite:
Responsive news website design
User-friendly theme options
Custom Header & Background functionality
Full-width template
Social icons

This increased exposure is not a guarantee of success because you risk losing the user’s attention if you do not manage to keep your content interesting and engaging. At this point, the expression “to each his own” applies. Depending on your personality, and what your viewers want to see, you must create a general direction in which your content must go. Be it objective news, political commentary, or simply entertainment or gossip, your work must be displayed in a professional yet aesthetically pleasing manner. A good WordPress theme is similar to a picture frame. It somehow enhances the overall value without drawing attention from the centerpiece, your content. That being said let’s take a look at some excellent WordPress newspaper themes: Herald is a modern Responsive WordPress theme carefully designed and developed with news portals and magazine websites in mind. With a fully Responsive design that scales seamlessly across today’s devices, your content will look stunning on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles.

With our custom Advanced Theme Options panel, you can achieve the perfect custom look in minutes, no kidding!

November Minimal Blog

November is a Clean & Minimal Blogger template with a luxurious design, designed to be outstanding on all kinds of blogs. It is a perfect choice for your minimalist blog layout, personal blog, beauty blog, fashion blog, OOTD blog, authority blog or any type of blog creator or simple magazine. It has a responsive website design meaning that your content will be displayed beautifully on all mobile devices. If you are looking for minimalist blogger template, then this is the best option for you.

Folio360 is a responsive template designed for Designers who loves to show off their portfolio. It is truly a powerful, highly flexible and customization template which will indeed help you to grow.

This theme is perfect for Wallpaper and pictorial based websites. It has lots of striking and incredible features which would impress you and your visitors too. It has a clean and sleek design which is considered as the basic need of a portfolio template.

To make it easier to find the best magazine WordPress themes we’ve compiled this collection of high-quality premium magazine themes. While not listed in any particular order, the themes listed below are the best magazine and news premium WordPress themes available. Most of the themes below are from independent theme shops that we know you can trust

The magazine is an incredibly powerful and flexible responsive magazine WordPress theme with an intuitive drag and drop builder that allows you to build any kind of layouts you like with ease. The premium theme from Themify allows you to create unique complex grid layouts just like the big name news and magazine websites. The theme is retina and mobile ready with a responsive design. Some of the other features include mega menus and a nice slide out menu for mobile, 42 pre-built layout options, Awesome icon fonts, breaking news ticker, advertising widget areas, control panel with extensive styling options, related posts, social sharing icons and more.

You are able to create any niche magazine website with these templates like music, gadgets, video games, movies, sports, magazines, food, restaurants, books and recipes, cloth and fashion trends etc.

I recommend to you, try to purchase premium HTML magazine templates. Because those templates have almost all of those features that you may need. Some features I want to tell you like multiple blog section layouts, multiple header layouts, business section, portfolio section, beautiful typography, amazing effects, animations, Responsive design means your website will look fantastic in any kind of devices & much more. Free templates don’t have all of these features but in premium HTML blog templates you will found them.

Hope this collection will help you to find your perfect magazine blog website template. If this collection works for you then don’t hesitate to share us! Thank you!

VMag is a creative modern free WordPress theme designed for news magazine websites. It has a beautiful and unique design, which is sure to please the website visitors and make them return to your site time and again. VMag has a bundle of awesome features like in a premium theme so that you can make a professional website free.

VMag is based on cool Customizer tool and easy to use – you can easily configure the theme settings without touching a single line of code. It is fully responsive and supports multiple web browsers. The theme is SEO optimized and fast loading.

Main features of VMag: Elegant design for news/ magazine sites
Featured slider option for main news
News ticker option
Carousel News widget and 13+ widgets
Ads ready

A brilliant image slider coupled with category sections make this WordPress theme the best one for online magazines and news websites. The sections are well laid out with clean content and bold typography. A must try premium looking WordPress theme for your news blog websites. Rowling

Rowling is a stylish, modern and highly customizable WordPress theme with a focus on bloggers. It has a mobile friendly design, great typography, gallery post format support and a nice layout to attract your daily visitors.
Rowling is a free WordPress theme that is clean, simple and elegant for online magazines such as news website, news magazines as well. Rowling theme has a creatively integrated responsive design. It possesses a great typography with support to multiple fonts. It supports custom colors as well. The menu can be added to more than a single location in this theme. It comes with a social media menu that allows adding a live feed from multiple social accounts. It is highly customizable. One can add their own custom logo to their website. It also supports picture gallery. There are various widgets available such as Flickr, recent comments, and recent posts that too with thumbnails.

Revija is a modern and premium HTML template for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site! This unique and exclusive HTML template was created by the professional team with significant experience in website development. The following categories are touched in our template: entertainment; health, high-tech, fashion, travel, sports, business, politics, others. We have developed the most flexible and easy-to-use product for you! This theme is an excellent start for your news-portal, online journal, blog, personal portfolio or e-shop.
The Tech Theme is the perfect website solution for technology-based companies and blogs. It’s designed to be capable of functioning as a business website, traditional blog or even a video portfolio. The Tech Theme is fully integrated with video capabilities and offers additional features such as Google Fonts, Tweet and Facebook Like buttons and more. Like all of our themes, the Tech Theme was designed and developed to be easily customized to suit your brand.

News365 – is a most popular newspaper script and most powerful PHP application which is designed and developed by Codeigniter. It is one of the unique ideas of news world. Every News Agency and News portal owner can use this application. User does not need to know a single line of coding. All in one all News and magazine features are included inside of this application.

Evolution Of Travel And Travel Blogs

The origin of the word "travel" has been lost in history, but it has a strong connection to another French word, "travail". This means "painful or painstaking effort." Even more interesting is that both words come from the name of the Roman torture device "Tripalium".

Whatever the origin of the word travel is, there is no doubt that a travel wandering or request is encoded in human DNA. The early man may have traveled as much as he needed to find food. Gradually it shifted away from the unknown impulse we know as a magician embarking on his journey, initially taking small steps and then making a giant leap into some of the most extensive migrations of humanity. Without this impulse of curiosity, man would have been confined to a smaller region of the Earth, and life on Earth would not have been as widespread as it is today. Travel is a catalyst for significant changes in how we think and perceive the world and the environment. The changes may seem almost invisible, but they happen all the time. Travelling has evolved and transformed people.

History has always attracted travelers, and the school's name has been dug up from various history lessons, such as Xuan Tsang or Xuanzang, a Buddhist monk born in China. It took place in 602 AD. His thirst for knowledge of Buddhism led him to travel on foot to India to learn more about Buddhism.

At the time, it was not allowed to travel outside of China. Hiuen Tsang took a new route with no sign of life for miles to not get fired. He crossed deserts and mountains, faced many difficulties, and risked his life. He traveled through Central Asia, including the Tashkent and Samarkand regions, and took the legendary Silk Road before arriving in India. He spent 17 years all over India before returning to China. It is worth noting that he had a travel journal at the time. He recorded his experiences and observations of those people, their culture and customs, the places he visited, etc. This magazine is widely known as Hsi-Yu Chi or Great Tang Records.

"There is no happiness for those who have not traveled."

So we have heard. Over time, man's naturally curious nature led him to explore the planet he inhabited. People began to travel for business, for discovery, and conquest. However, one of the first evidence of travel for the simple act of traveling and treating it as pleasure is found in Petrarch's "Ascent of Mount Ventoux ", written in 1336. This is an account of how he climbed the mountain and reached the top at an altitude of 1,912 meters. He explicitly states that he climbed the hill to see from above; he also compares the climb to his moral progress.

History is full of cases in which travelers write their experiences and then publish a travel diary, already in the second century AD. C., Pausanias, a Greek traveler, and geographer wrote a travel diary called "Description of Greece". This is an explanation from his own Greek experience and observations. In 1816, Goethe published his journey through Italy, based on his travels to Verona, Venice, Bologna, Rome, Naples, Sicily, and many other Italian cities. More recently, Che Guevara's "Motorcycle Diaries" is a classic example of a travel diary.

Many great writers have written masterpieces and told their stories in beautiful places.

The advent of the Internet shrunk the world and made information available like never before. While riding the wave of the Internet, another movement exploded on the ground. A movement that we now call social media. Suddenly, travelers could share their experiences virtually in real-time with their friends through travel blogs. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others ensured that all people with a will and passion for writing could perceive their hand. Hence, travel diaries and travel memoirs have significantly become travel blogs as we know them today. Today's well-known travel blogs are no longer just words; a trip can only be eloquently described through images or in the form of video. Instagram, YouTube, and others make sure these visual accounts thrive and tell a story without a word.

Social media also enables you to reap the benefits of sharing your traveling experiences. Traveling itself has its benefits that we often forget. Let's list them out, shall we?

● You Can Expose Yourself to Different Cultures:

The world is full of people and cultures. Finding a new country draws you to a diverse collection of cultural traditions. Taking a cruise to Japan allows you to learn about a particular culture's life and values with a deep history. When you know new things about people whose lives are different from yours, you can appreciate the diversity in your city.

● You May End Up Learning A New Language:

If you always want to learn a new language, planning and traveling to a different country can give you an excellent reason to start! There are several language learning programs. Look for one that focuses on spoken language or specifically for travelers. Either way, you'll be better prepared to communicate with locals when your plane touches the ground in a different country. The locals appreciate your efforts, and you love the opportunity to practice your new skills in a more fun environment than in the classroom.

● Your Palate Can Have An Adventure Of Its Own:

Satisfy your palate as you travel. Another advantage of traveling to new countries is that you can taste completely different cuisines than what you serve at the dinner table. Give your palate a sense of adventure and discover a rich variety of spices and flavor combinations to suit your palate. You may also wish to try a hand at home cooking. A break from your regular daily routine may include a break from your everyday eating habits and voluntary dietary restrictions. Come on, be wrong and eat this delicious savory dessert after finishing dinner. You can always get rid of these calories by traveling across the city.

● You Get To Develop Your Knowledge:

Immersion in a new place allows you to learn more about a wide variety of topics, from history to geography, cultural practices, and economics. Learning by doing increases one's understanding of new details. You can learn more from a travel experience than from reading a book on any relevant topic. The concept of experiential travel goes one step further. Experiential travel requires the person to slow down and become part of the place, revealing in-depth rather than span.

● Your Creativity Will Get A Boost:

Discovering new places can awaken your creative side. The often stagnant and repetitive routines of everyday life tire people's brains and suppress their imagination. Separating yourself from the norms can release the spirit and allow creative juices to flow. Stunning natural beauty, striking architecture, and innovative customs can inspire creative efforts in art and innovation.

● You, Will, Make New Friends On The Way:

When your friends and family are separated from your inner circle, you can meet new people. Moving to new places often requires talking to strangers if ever lost or asking for recommendations about the best restaurants in the area. This is especially true for solitary travelers, but only if you are ready to go out and explore. It is found that people turn to individual travelers to interact with at most two or more groups. If you're traveling in a group, feel free to reach out to locals or other travelers. You can make new friends for life. If you are traveling as a part of a group, it's easier to contact locals or other travelers.

Travel blogging is a tricky business. There is no easy way to describe traveling in a blog other than that it is vital to get some beautiful pictures and information to get the reader involved. There are solo travelers, a couple of passengers, and family travelers—some who do it for fun and some for life. But one of the best things to understand when finding new travel bloggers is to learn what their travel blogger lifestyle looks like. This can be very tricky, especially since the Internet allows us to portray our images the way we want them.

Here are the types of travel bloggers in my blogging ventures. Either way, shape or shape is not this true definition; it's just a description and observations by bloggers. Which of these are you?

● 'Let's go on vacation' blogger type:

These bloggers do holidays well. They know how to budget their money in a way that maximizes their spare time. They are the go-tos in the great rendezvous of Europe, South America, and Asia. Their trips are always at least almost a week long. They are a huge hit in terms of social media marketing as well. They often have global credit cards and flyer miles. They know when the best and cheapest time to travel is and use every holiday assigned to them during the trip. They are so good at taking a million pictures and posting their 2-3 week travel adventures over a period of 4+ months.

● "I legit don't have a home." blogger type:

Real professional travel bloggers, the people we all wanted to be when we were kids, people with a travel blogging career. They travel 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and travel to an awful number of countries each year. They have stamp filled passports, at least one (or two), each year and traveled 30,000 feet in the air more often than driving on the freeway. They are expert packers and know one or two things about a good trip. They rarely settle in one place for more than a few weeks, making it difficult to find a good blog schedule, sleep schedule, and complete life schedule. However, it's great for time management, and if you find Wi-Fi on the go, you can write at least ten posts in a matter of hours.

● "This is just a phase." blogger type:

Whether teaching English in Asia or working in France, these temporary travel bloggers spend one or three years there and are cool enough to "have a real job." Enjoying young life before "exploring". They love life, love the experience, share everything on their journey. They don't usually start as serious travel bloggers (mainly blogs for friends and family at home), but they find blogging a great hobby and a way to connect with the rest of the world. It makes people at home think seriously about a one or two year trip abroad and becomes a source of inspiration for anyone who is thinking about traveling.

● 'YOLO' blogger type:

Fast and furious influenced bloggers. They take three months to a year off and travel as much as they can with humanity. Although not the best way to travel financially, they only survive once, so you can do the best you can with these short opportunities. Their trips are usually planned to a tee. These bloggers are very organized. After all this travel, the Yolo travel blogger takes thousands of photos and hundreds of stories, starts a blog and spends the next two years just telling all these crazy things as they discover. Many seo consultants say these bloggers are most sought after online, as they let the world see it as a reminder of their journey.

Sometimes these 'Yolo' travel bloggers go on vacation and turn into travel bloggers because the migration bug has struck them, and they like to blog.

Travel is fun. This is a fantastic adventure. However, more than that, traveling can make your life happier in many ways. Going out in the woods, on the open road, or traveling to another country is more than a good time.

Isn't travel and travel blog evolution itself an attractive trip? Another fascinating and parallel journey is travel photography.